Three-stage quality assurance

We ensure quality and logistics through our subsidiary Metsino in Shenzhen.

We ensure the right quality at the right time through our own quality and logistics centre in China.

Through our local presence we can set requirements for the manufacturers we work with to carry out careful quality inspections before the goods leave the factory.

Metsino is our subsidiary and it operates as our quality and logistics centre on site in China.Metsino has the latest measuring equipment such as measuring machines, profile projectors, etc. At Metsino we have the option for intermediate storage and also for delivery to customers in China. Before the goods leave Metsino, we receive a measurement report for approval.

When the goods arrive at our warehouse in Anderstorp, we carry our a further visual inspection and counter-measurement of critical dimensions. Our vision is that no defective parts should go out to customers. 

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015.